This week I continued to make good and healthy meals. I made three meals this week that I included in my blog. This week something that didn’t work for me was while I was cooking I put to many pepper flakes in the nookie. I learned to always read the…

Eating Disorder Research
Eating disorders have become a growing problem in the US as the years have gone on. At least 9% of people in the US will have an eating disorder in their lifetime. Surprisingly 28–74% of eating disorders are from genetic heritability. They are the second most deadly mental illness. Every 52 minutes someone dies from an eating disorder. Eating disorders are more common in people that are not considered stereotypical and are different in our society. This being said, having an eating disorder does not just have to do with your eating habits, a lot more goes into it. You may look like your fine, but you may actually be struggling.

This week I got 2 new meals cooked and I did some more research on eating disorders.

This week I learned more about sauces in regards to cooking and I learned how more people struggle with eating disorders than I would have ever guessed.

3 goals I have for the next week are to cook a few more meals, get some more research done, and start to upload the pictures of my meals.

3 things that I accomplished this week are that I started my blog, I started researching obesity, and I made a new meal this week.

2 things I regret from this week are that I didn’t get more research done and that it took me so long to decide how I was going to show my information.

1 piece of advice I’d give myself next week would be to continue to work hard on getting it done.

3 accomplishments that I had this week were I tried a new recipe, I researched some health facts, and I looked up some new recipes.

2 regrets that I have this week are not making more of my new recipe that I did because it was super good and not…

Learning How to Cook/Bake Like a Chef

My project is about how I would be learning how to bake and cook and a very high level. This would also be about me sharing heath tips and learning new things.

I choose this project because I believe that a lot of people struggle with eating disorders and obesity. They don’t know how to feed themselves properly. This is important to me because being healthy can help you live a happier life.

From this project I hope to gain the important life skill of learning how to cook healthy meals. This is going to help me a lot in the future.

Sophia Clark

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